Vista Ultimate 64 very slow startup and shutdown after CFP install


I have a Vista Ultimate 64 and after install the CFP the welcome screen take too much time (about 5 minutes) to go. The shutdown process takes a long time too.

The situation is normalized when uninstall CFP.

Any Ideas


Have you by any chance been using a Norton-software in the past?
Else, check the log for Defense+. If something is getting blocked, set Defense+ to Training Mode, and reboot the computer, so that it will learn the things that are getting blocked.


Tanx Ragwing,

None Norton-software touch my system.

Basicaly I intall Vista and all updates + Avast antvirus only.

I tried install CFP without Defense+, but no effect.

I’ll try your advice, to enable Defense+ in training mode and search logs…

There are other logs to be able to observe and analyze ?


Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy <<Check your policies there.

Defense+\Common Tasks\View Defense+ Events
<<There too.