Vista UAC replacement!

I didn’t know if I should file this under other or HIPS. Which one is UAC, anyways? :S

I was browsing around and I found that Norton is working on a tool that replaces Vista UAC with a less annoying version. Basically, they change the prompts a bit, add a “Remember my choice button”, and add White listing so you don’t get prompted with known software.

The link is here:

Has anyone tried this out yet? It seems promising. They do have a point about the new security components of the Kernel on that page. It’s worth the read. However, this being Norton, they might start charging for this product once it is out of beta.

Hmmm. I think Comodo should work on tighter Vista integration. Basically, make a took like this and once that technology fully works, then integrate it into CIS, so all the D+/Firewall prompts would actually use the technology of this tool to work with the Vista kernel and it would be D+/UAC/Firewall alerts all in one pop-up kinda of thing. That would be cool! What do you guys think. How can Comodo use the new technology in the Vista kernel to improve upon things like this?

Hmmm looking into the project, it seems to be nice. I always disabled UAC control from the first moment as it annoyed me while asking : do you want this to run ? Are you sure ? Really 88) ? I donno, are you sure ? Nah, I dont think I’ll let it run 88)…

There are also other nice looking projects ‘Norton Safe Web’ like mcafee site advisor and ‘Security Inspector’ like pecunia…


Defense+? lol (:KWL)


Sorry for reawakening this thread, but I don’t think I should open a new one just to expose a doubt I have.

I was wondering if using a Windows Vista Admin. account under UAC, would be as good as running a Windows Vista normal user account without UAC or better?

I ask this 'cos I’m running a system with Admn rights, because otherwise, and I don’t know why, my pens just won’t be recognized on a normal user account.
To balance the situation I turned UAC, which I tweaked.
Would this still offer a better protection than just running a normal user account without UAC? (Again, I must say that I can’t run any pens in a normal user account running UAC. Still couldn’t figure it out, yet!)