vista - two firewalls reported as running (only one, though) [Resolved]

I tried Comodo Firewall Pro 3, but decided to uninstall it later that day. It appeared to go smoothly, but when I checked the Vista Security Center after uninstall and reboot, it reports two firewalls are running on my machine. The list shows Comodo as “ON”, even though it has been removed. How do I make sure it is ALL removed? The Security Center status shouldn’t even show Comodo on there. I am using Vista Ultimate.



Download the batch file from this topic:

Remember that you’ll need to run it as an administrator.

Or else:

Open the start menu, click Run and write ‘cmd.exe’.
Type ‘NET STOP WINMGMT /Y’ and press enter.
Go to the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem and delete the folder ‘Repository’.
Reboot. The Repository folder will be recreated automatically by the Security Center and will now display the correct information.


Thank you !!

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