Vista Support

Please could I ask for greater clarity in Comodo documentation as to its support for Vista? I’ve got firewall working and I-Vault/Verification Engine but I was looking to replace AVG with COMODO but no such luck.

I also downloaded anti-spam to use with my remote Outlook 2003/Exchange set-up and I have to day that the documentaion for that is pretty sparse too.

PS shame you want to kill off the COMODO launchpad as it has good potential for a)advertisng the wider range of products and b) acting as a central management tool for updates etc etc. I’m trying to wean all our friends off of the PC World bundled £££ products at the moment so anything that makes it easier for Jo/Anne Public has to be good.

Thanks for your post SarahW.

We are launching a new website which will help clarify further. Of course we will continue improving it.

We are getting a neat Central management tool in place for end users. Hopefully it will do what you have in mind, if not you can tell us and we’ll develop it for you! :slight_smile: Don’t know about the timescales for this… but should be before summer.


Hey SarahW, welcome once again, I’m not sure if I can provide a better answer than our esteemed CEO did, but I’ll try.

The current CAVS 2.0… beta does not support Vista. That should explain why you can’t get it to run on there (:LGH)

The next version of antivirus CAVS 3.0 will support Vista. I’m not sure if it will at first or not, but it definitely will. The beta of this software is due out within the next few weeks with the scanner portion being integrated within the latest version of the firewall in the next few days.

Stick around, Comodo has grand things in its future.


Hi everyone

I’d like to say I’ve used AVG Free & Avast free Home edition & comodo anti virus in the last eight years for the last four years I’ve used comodo av and had no viruses at all. I still use it on my old XP PC but when I was bought a new PC by my parents a few week ago I sadly had to put Norton on my new PC because Comodo isn’t compatible with Vista but when my subscription expires I’m going back to comodo I’ve recommended it to all my Family & Friends

Great work Comodo (:CLP)

Comodo definetly needs a better website. :SMLR But I like those ladys (:WIN) They are so serious and adds some flavor (:LGH)