Vista SP1

Has anyone seen today’s announcement from Microsoft that several security applications will be ‘broken’ by SP1, Comodo isn’t in the list.
But is this only because its a free application so Billl and co have ignored it?

Yes, I’ve seen the list. Vista SP1 is already available so it would be very helpful for Comodo to go on the record about what if any issues there are between CFP and Vista SP1. For instance:

Is CFP compatible with SP1?
If CFP is compatible with SP1 is it safe to install SP1 with CFP running or should CFP be uninstalled first and reinstalled afterward?

I have Vista SP1 installed and there are no problems at all ! ;D

That’s good news! Was CFP 3 already on your computer when you installed SP1? Did you do anything with CFP - such as keep it in “installer/updater” mode so it wouldn’t interfere?

I have a clean install Vista including SP1 with CFP3 and after 2 day’s it still looks good :BNC

got the rtm sp1 vista dvd iso installed with comodo.
all is working fine.

Well it’s broken for me :cry: Well when I say broken, I mean a very important feature is broken. VPN doesn’t work… AGAIN!!! (:AGY)

I can only get it to work if I turn the firewall off. Defense + disabled and all relevant rules are created (including trying to add IP in/out rule for GRE)

On the phone with Microsoft for 1.5 hrs with tech support and in the end it was either uninstall CFP or SP1. I chose neither and will wait for a solution from Comodo.

This needs to be fixed though as it is a major flaw in an otherwise perfect firewall

I am running Vista SP1 that was released in Windows Updates.

No problems to report!


For my HP notebook Comodo firewall was not working properly (Defense was working, though) until I uninstalled Comodo, installed SP1 & reinstalled Comodo. Now System Status is green. (I had started a post which is now under the Bugs section.) No noticeable problems after SP1, yet anyway.

I’ve read it may be better to download the whole service pack to install vs. Windows Updates site.

I keep using windows update and the service pack has not been available…i thought the official launch through windows update was next month.

You need to go through the microsoft downloads site to find the registry patch that allows SP1 in windows update early. They will move sp1 in windows update for everyone in a month or so. I don’t know why they do this, but they do. If you want to use WU, then grab the registry patch. I don’t know where it is right now, but it is there. :wink: I used the integrated ISO, so I don’t even have the stand-alone.


If you want Vista SP1, go to the Microsoft Download Center at and download the appropriate (32 or 64 bit) version. No need to wait until update catches up with you. :slight_smile:

Windows update wont show you SP1 if you have certain hardware/drivers that it dosnt like.
I had to get a new driver for my audio hardware as SP1 diddnt like the Driver (Sigmatel).
Now have SP1 better Audio driver and COMODO is working fine (todays update 3.0.21…)

I dunno if there’s any doubt left, but if there is I’ll hammer the last nail in this myth’s coffin.

I’ve been using Vista SP1 with Comodo Firewall since february 4th when it was finalized, and through the version updates over the course of almost 2 months I’ve experienced no problems whatsoever.