Vista sleep

Since I’ve installed the latest (and great!) CFW 3 the computer would not go to sleep. Is there a setting in the CFW or in Vista? Any other fixes available?

Haven’t seen this problem before, and have no problems myself with Vista sleep. I’ll move this message over to “help for v3” and see if we can get more comments and insights there. Sleep works correctly without CFP with the same settings? Do you get a Vista message when you try to sleep? Take a look at the Event Viewer logs and see if that tells you anything. Any messages in the comodo logs?

Sleep works fine without Comodo FW, there are no logs. Actually what happens, the computer goes to sleep, but can not wake up, has to manually restart.

Have you installed SP1? Does the blinking sleep light go out, or does it fail when you try to bring it out of sleep? And windows event viewer should show under windows logs/system the computer entering sleep mode, anything else that happens around then, and either resuming from sleep mode with several events or error messages when it doesn’t resume. There should be a bunch of log entries with big blue "i"s in front of them for informational alerts, then something different where sleep didn’t resume.

Yes I do have SP1 installed. The light never blinks, I assume it means that the PC never went to sleep, but the PC acts like it is sleeping. I have checked the log entries, none of them has anything to do with sleep or CFW. Most of them are printer errors.

What happens exactly when you select “sleep” from the start menu?

The computer seems to go to sleep, (monitor goes off) but the light does not flash and the only way I could wake up the PC is by manually turning it off and than on. Very annoying!

At this point I would suggest a complete removal of CFP3 and cleanout of the registry-see for instructions and a helpful script. Then reinstall the latest build as before. There have been some installation issues at times, and this may be one of them, since a search doesn’t show it as a common problem.

Thanks, I’ve tried it before, unsuccessfully. Seems to have improved some, found some good sleep settings on Google. Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems | Vista Forums
This might help some others with similar problems.