Vista share and networking center vs. Comodo Firewall

Thanks Dennis!!! It is always nice to get the answer one is looking for, instead of everybody’s reasopns as to why they like/dislike something. Its been getting really hard to accompish shtuff due to that. Anyhow, so as far as my Network Center in Vista telling me Filesharing is on, I would ned to research a workaround to have it keep it off. It makes no sense that simply turning off the firewall would make Widows think I wanted to start filesharing but hey, it does crazier things than that…

Really, thanks though. I am just tired of having to re-install over simple shtuff that is wrong wwith this new Comodo version. And the support ticket staff seems to always direct me back here for an answer and thats just plain irratating!!!


I like Vista for it is Media Center but it is setup in some very odd ways compared to XP.
I have learnt the hard way one thing in Vista do not rely on System Restore if you want to try Beta programs the only thing you can rely on is a image.