Vista services needed to run the firewall

The following Vista services need to be enabled, and in “auto” mode, in order to run Vista’s native, internal firewall:

  • Base Filtering Engine
  • IKE and AuthIPsec Keying Modules
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
  • IPsec Policy Agent
  • Routing and Remote Access

Does the Comodo firewall also require that one or more of those same services be running?

Most who are using Vista are desperate to get it both starting-up, and running, as quickly as possible. Turning off unneeded services is one way to help speed-up at least startup… as well as certain parts of Vista’s operation.

Persons who do not use Vista’s IPsec (VPN tunneling, etc.), and/or Vista’s Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), may safely turn off the services I have listed above if they’re also not using Vista’s native, internal firewall. (Of course, if they do, and if they’re not using Comodo’s firewall instead of Vista’s, then they had better be using an external hardware firewall or gateway or router between their computer and the internet… and even then, said external devices which are only gateways or routers had better have, at the very least, psuedo firewall or firewall-like capabilities… but that’s a rant for another thread.)

If Comodo’s firewall happens to depend on any of those services, like Vista’s internal firewall does (or if the machine is used for IPsec or ICS), then, clearly, said services cannot be turned off. However, assuming that one is not using IPsec, ICS or Vista’s internal firewall; and assuming that he/she is using Comodo’s firewall, version 3, instead of Vista’s internal firewall, then, in that case, may my bulleted list of Vista services, above, all be disabled? Does Comodo’s firewall require that any of those services be turned on?

  • HarpGuy

I have three and five Disabled with CPF3


CFP 3 only needs the COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) to work properly. You should be able to disable the services that’s used by Vista firewall, as CFP in no way uses Windows built-in firewall. Now I can’t guarantee that you won’t get any other errors, but CFP 3 should run with them disabled. Best way to find it out is to test yourself (I’m using XP, else I would try it).