Vista opens new dawn for security

Hi-tech criminals are looking forward to the consumer release of Windows Vista, say security experts.

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Now why do stories like this one always sound so scary? :-\

Does it open a new dawn for security?

In my honest opinion it doesn’t. Sure it has better security features then than XP and previous versions, however as Windows is still the most widely used OS hackers will find ways to exploit Vista, just like they did in the past with the older versions of Windows.

That was not my impression after reading that story either. A “slight exaggeration”, shall we say?


I understand that, it was just a general question, not a question directed to just you ;).

ok, here’s an explanation taken from numerous sources including Symantec white papers.

Windows Vista has a protected DRM section that is meant to be locked from the user. In theory nothing can access it because of kernel patch protection. Once a way is found around that, a worm/trojans/virus can drop it’s self into the DRM “container”. This means that the user CANNOT detect or access or delete the virus.

I have a feeling that Microsoft will release something to get rid of the DRM once virus writers exploit it till the cows come home.