Vista Network Issue

Hi guys.

Got a strange problem running v3.0.25.378 under Windows Vista. The PC in question is in a wired network, with a Linux server. If I try to copy a large(ish) file 100Mb+ to the server Vista brings up the error message:

“There is a problem accessing C:{filename} Make sure you are connected to the network and try again”

The file appears to copy, gets half way and then freezes, bringing up this error. Small files copy fine. If I disabled Comodo Firewall the file copies with no problems at all.

The Network is fully identified to the Firewall and is in a trusted zone. If no files were being copied at all it may be easier to diagnose but as it’s just large files, I’m baffled.

Anyone shed any light on this??


I think there are some bugs with this version of the firewall, maybe you can try another firewall version and check if the problem still persists…

Have you saved older versions of the firewall on your computer?

No, unfortunately I don’t have any older versions. Can I download one/them from anywhere?

well, maybe you can download them here on the forum but I am not sure… You can try filehippo… maybe there is an old version there you can try…