Vista + multiple users = lost LAN

I have very strange behavior of CPF3 (the latest one) on Vista HP 32 SP1. UAC on. There’s also McAffee antivirus, but it does not look like it’s related. I’ll try to describe the sequence of my actions and what happened.

CPF was working in custom mode, D+ was in CleanPC mode (except where noted).
There were rules for system and svchost to allow file and printer sharing.

  • I’m logged in as admin and I can access the vista shares from another machine (W2K). OK.
  • I log off the admin and log in as a user (non-admin) - OK.
  • I log in as admin again (the user is still logged in!) - OK.
  • I switch back to the user. That’s it. The vista machine can not be accessed from the W2K, although I can still see it’s name in the workgroup. “Network name not found” when I try to browse it. The most weird thing is that I still can see the vista box through samba client from my FreeBSD box.
  • I log off the user and switch back to admin - no luck.
  • Log off admin and log in again - nothing.
  • Disable CPF (firewall only). Yep. I can access vista box again.
  • Enable CPF again - everything’s fine.

I can repeat everything with the same result.

Well, I would appreciate if this could be fixed. I have several users on my vista box which often switch without logging out.

BTW, if I change something in the rules from admin account, the logged in users still show (and probably use) the old rules until they log out. Not good.


I still have the problem. I had to disable both firewall and defense+ to enable file sharing. Can I expect to see any solution?