Vista logout loggin problem

When I boot up the gaming PC, and then log into the internet (WIFI), it connects with no problem. When I’m done with my online business, I disconnect.

But when I try to reconnect into the same network, it encounters a problem and Vista makes me choose from two silly options: “Diagnose the problem” and “Choose a different network”

Like, “Huh? What? What problem?”

I use a Linksys Wireless-G USB for my PC.

So I reboot, and then connect to the net. viola! Tada! I’m in.

That is the nature of my yet another computer annoyance. It is a stupid cycle. You connect, you disconnect, you cannot connect back because Vista sees an imaginary problem (it thinks that the security code has been changed), and dumps it on your lap. You reboot, the problem is gone! You are able to connect again, and you disconnect, and you cannot reconnect again…on and on it goes.

I checked Device Manager after I disconnect. There are no conflicts.

It seems that my computer woes knows no bounds.

And yet here I am, still wanting to solve them. If only I am this persistent with my art, I’d be a very good artist 5 years ago.