Vista Isnpirat modification for XP containing possible malware.

Yeah i am currently using this modification called Vista Inspirat 2 by Bricko Packs, that modifies the graphic look of XP. Basically, it modifies the start menu to look like the icon in Vista’s start menu. Also it does a couple of more modifications to the graphics, but the system remains XP. As i like to call it, the best parts of Vista in XP. Saddly, as well as this has worked, some antivirus programs have reported that they found some miscallenous malware like Trojan Galapoper A, different General worms and viruses. Luckily, i managed to deal with these. the weird part though is that the key’s that they are supposed to create in the registry are nowhere to be found. Guess they were false positives. But if someone could take an look at this, i would apreciate it extremely much. (R)