Vista HP Says I Don't Have Permission to Run CFP 3.0.25 Installer? [RESOLVED]

I’ve just went through a problem with ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3 detecting the CFP installer (3.0.24 & 3.0.25) as a false positive (adware). Now that ESET has cleared up this false positive issue, Vista has just jumped in with its own stupidity and claims that I don’t have permission to run the installer! What perfect timing! This is a brand new problem, as I’ve tried installing CFP several times without hearing from this annoying popup (it would run but be interrupted by NOD32). Now I double click the file and this permission popup immediately pops up.

I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the installer, with the same problem recurring. The account I’m trying to run the installer from is in fact an Administrator account. I am suspicious that a recent Vista update is responsible because the only thing that’s been changed (other than uninstalling NOD32 and installing a newer NOD32 version) is that I’ve installed several Vista security updates, right before the first occurrence of this permission problem started. I’m still fairly new to Vista, but according to the file’s permissions (from Properties), I do in fact seem to have full permissions, including execution. The only thing not checked is “Special Permissions”.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you right clicked the shortcut to the installer and selected “run as administrator”?

Yes I did, to no avail. But I got it to work. It turns out a residual problem with NOD32 was blocking the installer. I became suspicious when, after deactivating UAC and observing that I do have full control & execution permissions over the file, this popup still kept coming up. So I deactivated NOD32 temporarily and, lo and behold, the installer ran perfectly.