Vista/HP Printer assistance needed

I am moving an HP All-in-One fax/printer/scanner from an XP to a Vista. The unit worked fine on the XP. With the Vista I can print ok, and I can fax. However the HP Solution Center refuses to open on the Vista. It times out with an error that “no HP device can be found. Shutting down Solution Center.” Without the Solution Center you can’t scan. Have tried downloading “correct” Vista drivers from HP site. Have tried installing several times (each time carefully trying to get rid of all HP garbage before new install). HP chat is of no use. Have seen on several blogs that I am not the only one with this issue.
No, I cannot “just move the XP” with the printer. The HP worked fine, and I am too cheap to just go out and buy a better product.
Anyone have any great ideas?

I have a 4315. I don’t think the problem is specific to this model #–after searching the web it seems this problem happens for many different types of HP’s. I think their software is does not support Vista too well. I have contacted HP support, which led me down a Bunny Trail.

I found an alternative solution to my problem. We located a different All-in-One machine we had in storage–not an HP. I put the HP back with its original XP. It is too bad that HP did not have workable Vista software for this All-in-One (it is not that old). It is also too bad their tech support seems to be lacking. Many years ago, before any of us dreamed we would have computers at our fingertips, HP made testing equipment–GOOD testing equipment. If you had an HP you had something special. Not like that anymore. Something seems to have happened to HP, so sad.
Thanks all who looked at my posting in an effort to help. Have a great day!