vista, from a year or more bugs still nor repaired

comodo from a year when i change to vista:

  1. crashing on start sometimes (no information why)
    beucouse that i must to have always:
    “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” on desktop

  2. defence plus froze vista on fullscreen games ALWAYS v. 3.xx & 4.xx

on new comodo 4.xx in download 4.xx & i lost game: counter strike 1.6
error was: “available memory less then…”
removed 4.xx downgrade to 3.xx & problem gone

Hi zlotowinfo

Please read this Important: how to submit bugreports (read this if you want them fixed)

This won’t provide enough information for dev’s to try to reproduce your issue(s).

you not understand i report this bag long time ago & problem still is from a year when i change xp to vista 64 bit

Yes I do understand, but Dev’s are not going to look through 1000 posts to find yours back.
Please post links to the previous reports, or post new details… otherwise the chance on fixing the issue get’s less.

Just trying to help you…

reply to sderevyanko

dual core q6600 4gb ddr ati 2600xt

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Good day. Can you get me more info about “froze vista on fullscreen games”.

  1. When the vista freezes, what kind of game is running?
    always on full screen
    i like counter strike 1.6 & many time forgot disable & many reset computer

  2. What is the mode D+ then the Vista freezes?
    after run game, freezing? its not correct only blank screen after change resolution

  3. If you tray to disable D+
    without that works all, but what is sens have option to disable security

or change the mode
never done

or add game’s files to Safe file.
i must add always installed games i need to secured
but always on forgot disable must reset computer

May be something else details?

when i run full screen game blank screen & over
cant accept on msg window of defence beaucouse not see it
def+ freeze all & waiting for accept or not
cant do anything, c+a+del not works too

only reset

with hope to be better i install newer version 4.xx
but i think get to much memory & counter strike not works
it must be run in comptaibility mode, without not works