Vista Freezes everything

Disappointed: heard Comodo was far better than zone alarm - moved to Comodo because of continual pop ups annoyance and the “remember this reply” tag not working - it never did
Comodo is worse - most of the pop ups freeze my system for a few minutes until the pop up goes
Cannt find where you can locate the program to tell Comodo the program causing the request is OK cannot get to the pop up because my touch pad freezes too.
example is SynTPEnh.exe trying to modify the user interface of cfp.exe or firefox.exe

Running Comodo with Vista ultimate, Avast and Firefox on a Vaio

Not for much longer if this continues !!

To get rid of the problems with SynTPenh.exe is making it part of the My Trusted Software Vendors. That is a list of digital signatures that will tell CIS the program is a safe file. I think the SynTPenh.exe is digitally signed.

How to add it to the list? Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Trusted Software Vendors → Add → Read from a running process → look up and add SynTPenh.exe → Select → Apply. When it was accepted then from now on CIS will automatically learn the rules for SynTPenh.exe and other files digitally signed by Synthetics.

When the above does not help add SynTPenh.exe to My Own Safe Files. When doing that consider making all the other executables that are in the Synthetics installation folder part of My Own Safe Files. My Own Safe Files can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks.

Next step is to make sure that Defense + is not set to “Block all applications if the application is closed”. That can sometimes cause problems booting when cfp.exe (the client) is not running. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → make sure “Block all applications if the application is closed” is disabled.

That should have dealt with most if not all freezes. Let us know how things go. Are you on a 32 or 64 bits Vista?