Vista enthusiasts... why BETA??

I´ve seen so many now that ask about Comodo Antivirus and Vista compatibility and havent seen any other answer until now saying that there is no version for Vista yet.
Well then let me tell you all Vista enthusiasts… who really want to use/try Comodo Antivirus;
Download the official public release v.1.1 (also called Beta but I guess this is the latest STABLE version???) and this will install and work PERFECTLY.
This is what I dont understand at all… none of the “new” betas is working at all with Vista but this “old” one is???

I have now installed 9 different machines with Vista, and all 9 with CAV 1.1 and like said… working PERFECTLY.

I am using myself Vista Ultimate edition and have used Comodo v.1.1 for 2 months now and with MORE THAN excellent results (been a NOD32 fan for many years now, but CAV I absolutely like more, and not at least … feel safer).

So with a good concious I can say that you dont need to turn to other AV alternatives until Comodo releases the ungoing betaversion (2.x.x.x) for Vista.

Wow you moved from NOD32?
Im not saying comodo is bad compared to nod32 but if you have nod32 why switch? Its one of the top rated commercial av in detection/heuristics. Although comodo will catchup to them in a few minutes (:WIN).

Main reason for “downgrade” from Nod32 to Comodo was mainly that I am working as a computer consultant and are always fighting to get my client to PAY for a Antivirus program. Last years I have had a lot of them who asked me to install for them AV programs that they heard was free (ex. Antivir, AVG etc etc) and in this was the main reason for me to “check out” CAV and ended up by being totally addicted to it he he… and just to comment on the many negative detection rates… I was sitting with NOD for 2 years, then when I installed CAV it even detected viruses that NOD didnt… and they have, as you mentioned one of the most effective and best AV scanners available…

Hope this gave you an answer my friend.