Vista Compatability, PLEASE!!!

How long before comodo products are all compatible with windows Vista…?

Love the products, but now that I have new computer with Vista, I cant use them… (:AGY)

All future products of Comodo will support Vista I guess, so you gotta wait for new version of the program you use to be released. Maybe they will add Vista support to some existing software, but it’s more likely that they won’t.
But you better wait for someone that knows for sure to answer.


Vista support is coming. CFP 3, currently in Alpha testing, supports both Vista 32 & 64 bit.


For more information on Windows Vista compatibility for Comodo Firewall please view the following topics.

Comodo Firewall

The link in reply 3 doesn’t work for Antivirus. Where can i find out current situation with Vista compatible antivirus.

Yes I removed the antivirus topic as it is currently unclear as to when a version will be released, but as soon as this information is available there will be a new topic explaining this.