Vista/Comodo Service Pack Snafu Froze PC & Crashed Internet Connection

Hi guys. Wanted the LATEST CIS for Firewall and limited Defense + use. Downloaded from Comodo website. Before clicking, it showed the only option to be for Vista SP2. I have SP1. I downloaded it anyway. Ran the installer. Froze after I went thru a few of the setup screens. After 5 min, I decided to reboot. The internet no longer worked. I had to delete Comodo program files in Safe Mode.
Took ALL DAY to figure out why the internet stopped working. Now that I’m back, I have a few questions?

  1. If I download version 3.14.129887 instead of the LATEST version, will the slightly older version be easily compatible with Win Vista SP1?

  2. I want Defense + with leak protection. Does it matter whether I choose Optimum or Proactive during install. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Please advise.

UPDATE : I have answered both my questions and solved the issues. I am now happily running Comodo Firewall 3.14.129887 with no problems.