Vista and XP

Hello – google announced that it will stop updating chrome for XP and vista – how does it comodo browser since it chromium based?

Currently, Comodo Dragon and Chromodo will not support XP users (because Chromium 46 and after this release cores do not support XP)
But Shane said “We are currently investigating whether it is feasible to continue XP support.” so Vista user do not affected from this.

Microsoft already stopped support for XP, please upgrade to Windows 7 at least!

Hello – Thanks for the reply … I noted XP since the google announcement was for XP and Vista – True about XP, but since Vista still has a year or so to go, it would be appreciated if the support continues

It would be a bonus if XP can still be supported

I wouldn’t keep my hopes up high for XP support. When running XP chances are you’re running older hardware. In that case Opera classic would be much better choice. Notice my avatar, I still use it.

Thanks for the info on opera – the “classic” version is around v12?

Version 12.17. It is no longer being developed after Opera switched to using Chromium/Blink engine.

I just downloaded both Comodo and Chromodo . and after they updated they both say it will not support xp and vista soon just like google chrome