Vista and CIS

I was running CIS with no problem.
Because i was infected with an msn virus(?) i had format my vista and reinstall it again!
First thing i do after everything was ok was to install CIS…
Reboot and vista hangs…
I went to safe mode and remove CIS and after that boot was sucessfull.
Any ideia why?

Vista Business 32bit

Did you change anything of CIS settings that you can recall? Sometimes a second boot helps to get over a hiccup with CIS.

Are you willing to give it one more try? Do a manual clean up first as described here:;msg270870#msg270870 .

But since this happens after i made a clean vista instalation, isn’t that strange?

It is odd CIS had a serious hiccup after clean install. It has been reported that people sometimes had to boot twice to get CIS to work. That is why I suggested to give CIS one more chance. And to make sure you have a clean slate when reinstalling I suggested the manual clean up.

If you are willing please install CIS again and let us know how things go.

Hello again.
I made up all steps you recomended and even removed spyboot,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (just in case) and avast also!
I clean up registry with comodo tool and boot it again… and it hangs!
After a few no sucessfull boots, i removed comodo suite and installed only firewall and it’s ok now… i had Comodo firewall runnig up…

Any ideias?

I had Vista 32 business with sp1 on it!
CIS Version: CIS_Setup_3.8.65951.477_XP_Vista_x32

Scratching my head… What other security related and disk management software do you have installed?

I had CIS (firewall + antivirus) + spybot + malware.
After the first problems i use avast + zonealarm firewall…

On the moment i was able to have Como Firewall, i removed it all…

I had the same issue, though COMODO ignored me.

Did you install with your AV active? Sometimes this can cause installation errors causing CIS to not load/function properly.

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