vista, access point, blocked WiFi - ping is working


Few days ago Ive installed windows vista on my PC. My MOBO has an access point feature witch used to work fine on winXP+comodo 2.x

After installing drivers from realtek and configuring my Access Point I encoutered a strange(?) problem with COMODO firewall.

I set my new network as trusted (in my global network security policies there are two entries: Allow All Outgoing[Incoming] Requests If The Target Is In [WLAN] ), but dispite of that im not able to use my web browser from computers connected through AP. I CAN use ping command. The URLs are resolved, but as long as firewall level is not set to DISABLED im not able to establish ant TCP/IP connection. When CFE is turned off everything works fine.

I get no logs in firewall events. I would really appriciate any help. I totally ran out of ideas : /

comodo ver: 3.5.57173.439
windows vista (service pack 1)
mobo: asus p5k-e, access point mode on RTL8187L

laptop connected to WiFi has WinXP with SP 2 installed

I think you also may need a rule to “Allow all IP out from IP any to IP any where protocol is any”.