Vista 64 bit support

My daughter is headed back to school in about 3 weeks and decided her 3 year old desktop is not fast enough. My desktop which is 3-4 years older loads faster. Both XP 1 gig ram.

She wants a laptop, and looking at the processors offered in the price range I want, all use a 64 bit processor.
Some Intel some AMD. I want at least 2 gig of ram (will that work comfortably or is 3 gig really a necessity?) Trying to stay around $500.
Suggestions on laptops will probably be too late. But wondered about FREE security and utility applications.

FIRST forget firewall and anti virus programs.
For the last 3 years her school requires “EveryOne” who accesses the schools network (On and Off campus) use McAffee firewall and anti virus program (which the school provides and supports thru their IT Department). The school is Northern Illinois University in DeKalb Illinois.

Would like to see Comodo’s Marketing Team contact them about the System Suite once it is out of beta, and before that about the other security programs Comodo offers and the advantage of offering them to every one using their IT Network.

Not sure if if BoClean, Comodo Memory Firewall, Verification Engine, and any other Comodo product has Vista 64 bit support plus any others that you might recommend. Remember it will need to work with McAffee firewall and anti Virus.

Before she left school last winter for a Study Abroad program, all school IT Connections were only done via Land Line, and wireless connections to the Schools Network were not allowed.
She thought possibly this year the school might have wireless support thru McAffee ??

Also wondered what Free Utilities might still work with Vista 64 bit. Hoped to have Ccleaner, Open Office, StartUp Monitor and StartUp Control Panel, Defraggler, Revo Uninstaller, etc. Does MalwareBytes and others work with Vista 64 bit. I will work with that later.

I will put a few on, print out your recommendations and why, and let her decide and install the other programs later. The main program she is concerned about is Adobe Photo Shop. Her program is 2 years old and wondered if it would work transferring from XP to Vista 64.

Thanks for all your suggestions

I think all programs work on 64 bit, at least, haven’t found anything strange yet. But they’re installed in

Program Files (x86)
instead of normal ‘programs files’.

The only problem are drivers :(.


I read an article in a magazine about the 32 and 64 bit versions of MS Windows. To summarize it, they said to get 64 bit MS Windows only if you are doing 3D rendering or other graphics work. There is not enough 64 bit software to justify having 64 bit OS. You are better off going with a 32 bit OS on modern CPUs. The CPU will 64 bit an you will literally be using half the processor, but it will be really fast. I have just had many issues with drivers with the 64 bit Vista. SP1 improved it some, but it’s still not that good.

As far as computers go, I find that HP notebooks pack a lot of features with a low price. I also heard some good things about Toshiba, but I have never used one. I have always had a HP notebook and they don’t break the bank like a Sony or Dell does. :stuck_out_tongue: My Notebook is huge too. It has a very large screen, 2 gigs ram and an 160 gigs of HD space.


All x86 programs work perfectly well on x64 system. I’ve been using Vista Home Premium x64 for the past year and had no compatibility issues at all (maybe except some older games, but gamers have already patched most of them)