Vista 64 All: D+ cannot protect system services from termination

This one’s extremly easy to reproduce. Work on a Vista 64bit platform. Take any .exe in task manager that was launched as a service from the services.msc list. Let us start with a very simple example. The Print Spooler Service which is active by default launches spoolsv.exe. Attempt and create D+ rules that prevent process termination for it. Then end it with task manager. You will be able to. This works for everything that was started as a system service.

This is reminiscent of my previous thread, where I had neither stated nor understood what was going on properly. Now I do and it seems to be a general issue.

As much as I hate bringing up the old topic, even moreso after the last thread I’ve created led to such a mistake on my side, I would really like a bit of response from the COMODO team. I have recently updated to 3.8 and I can tell the problem persists even with no other security applications installed. I strongly believe this to be affecting all Vista x64 systems and a moment of your time - more precisely an attempt to reproduce it - would be much-appreciated.