Vista 32 bit bug

I just done the latest update and my Windows Security center on Vista 32bit sp2 and i am being told Windows and Comodo Firewalls Both report they are turned off,i can not turn on Comodo Firewall because it thinks it is turned on.also it now conflicts with Unlocker Assistant and that disables itself and i don’t like the new sound,fortunatly i have time machine so i went back to the working snapshot,Stopping updating Time Machine was the most ridiculous move any software maker ever made,im just glad it still worked with windows 7.on windows 7 the update is fine but because i don’t like the new sound i changed the sound wave file and now it thinks i did not update the program at all.The old sound got my attention,this new one is too easy to ignore.

I have just posted my post here as a bug report because i don’t think it has been reported to you yet,i started to read your rules about how to report it,but it was long so if i have not reported it properly just ignore it.delete it.

Already known issue: