Visible Port

I just done a PC Flank scan and it found the following port visible,

[b]Warning![/b] The test found visible port(s) on your system: 138
135 closed RPC Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is used in client/server applications based on MS Windows operating systems 137 closed NETBIOS Name Service NetBios is used to share files through your Network Neighborhood 138 closed NETBIOS Datagram Service NetBios is used to share files through your Network Neighborhood 139 closed NETBIOS Session Service NetBios is used to share files through your Network Neighborhood

It also stated,

[b]Danger![/b] While visiting web sites your browser reveals private information about you and your computer. It sends information about previous sites you have visited. It may also save special cookies on your hard drive that have the purpose of directing advertising or finding out your habits while web surfing.

We advise you to get personal firewall software. If you already have a firewall program adjust it to block the distribution of such information

I’ve got Comodo v4 installed with the stealth all ports checked, could someone please advise me

Also whats the full windows 7 port range i can put in custom port range scan to scan all ports on my system?

could someone please help me out

I’ve tried making global rules but it doesn’t make a difference, also, one other port becomes closed instead of stealth when I test after making the global rules

Could you post a screenshot of your global rules, and are you behind a router or do you connect directly to the internet via cable or dsl modem?

Routers are usually not concerned with the netbios ports (excepting sometimes 135).

XP has a feature to disable network share, i suppose win 7 also does.

The proper netbios ports rules (cis3) are:
block tcp and udp in if dest ports 135-139
block udp out if dest ports 135-139

block tcp and udp in if dest ports 135-139

You can’t do much with the “referrer” function, altough some tricks allow you to fake it notably in IE and Firefox, but generally using a faked referrer would keep you to use some legit browsing.

Right, just done a test now on PC Flank and all that come as visible was port 135,

I then added you rules and tested again which resulted in ports 135, 137, 138 and 139 becoming visible.

I’ve got all file sharing turned off and I think I’ve configured Windows 7 not to accept remote access, sharing of any sort etc. via windows services and network properties.

Futuretech, I’m directly corrected to a modem via ethernet, my global rules are posted below,

[attachment deleted by admin]

are you behind a router?

no, I’m wired up to a modem (cicso 2100) via ethernet

Doing the Shield’s Up port scan (All Service Ports), none of my ports are visible. CIS achieves ‘TruStealth’.

However, on the PC Flank scan my ports 135, 137, 138 and 139 are visible.

I have same problem and I am not behind router, please see the picture:

pc flank sucks sorry, I am behind two hardware firewalls and CIS firewall and it still says I have open ports. I would not trust it’s results.

If you look at the results page they are pushing outpost firewall pro, so I bet if you have anyother firewall it says you have open ports.

Thanks mate but what about that Browser warning i got? You will see it on picture!

that’s becasue of your browser accepting cookies, I get the same warning. I have no problem with it. Without cookies most of the websites will not work.

I think it’s “scare tactics” a normal browser reveals these data they claim leak your privacy.

  • Referrer
  • Cookies
  • Language
  • ISP (Cause they read the ip that connects to the page, duh how else can you connect?)
  • HTTP Header (Accept strings etc)
  • Maybe use javascript and flash to discover more details about your system

Thanks again!!!

until today i thought you are competent. but your post was one of the most unreflected ones i ever saw here.
i have NEVER an visible port on pc flanc (with comodo). just because you are jealous that it doesnt “push comodo”, you say, dont trust their results.
have fun with your open ports, and avoid testing your firewall with sites that are NOT PROMOTED by comodo. they all are full of lies, ONLY comodo is telling the truth. right?
i bet, if this site had “pushed comodo”, and an outpost user had written, i have open ports, i am sure its because they want to tell me i should use comodo,
You had said: NO, comodos promotion has of course no effect on the test…

and one thing: IF a firewall is working like it should, HOW could someone know, what firewall you are using?
it totally doesnt make any sense what you wrote.

wow what a dumb post. I never said anything about them not pushing comodo or anything. Please drop the aggressive tone, NOW. You have been warned.

Next PC flank is pushing paid software how can you trust the result? I only trust shields up. I have tested many computers and it seems to be the most accurate.

Languy will you please explain me this picture? I run test on Shield Up and got this:

and when I scan second time I got this:

so how are you connected to the net, you have just a modem? modem/router? modem and separate router? also can you give me a screen shot of your firewall global rules?

80 and 443 (http and https).

Now if your not running a web service on both ports it’s probably a router between you and the scanning device.

Do you have a router?
Does it have the web interface accessible from the external interface?
Are you running a web server and have you setup DMZ host or port forward on your router?

GRC shows I’m stealth, ports

135 - dcom-scm - DCOM Service Control Manager
137 - netbios-ns - NetBIOS Name Service
138 - netbios-dgm - NETBIOS Datagram Service
139 - netbios-ssn - NETBIOS Session Service

are all stealth which PC Flank states are visible >:(