virustotal uploader.

hi everyone.ive just tried a firefox add-on by the name of VTzilla, its a vrustotal uploading add-on.i just wondered if theres any way i can use it without having the toolbar visible.i dont like toolbars and its a pity if i have to un-install this add-on as it seems a very good one.or is there a way to hide the toolbar.?Many thanks. :o

I haven’t used it, but if it follows standard Firefox programming for toolbars, you should be able to turn it on/off from the View menu.

Hi DARREN.1972,

The said Add-on was discussed here few months ago since it was released

Nobody likes Toolbars ;), but it seems like this one is Ok; rather helpful and as you can see many “Fox-users” are not refusing to have it
Actually that is the only Toolbar I’m currently keeping

You can do what HeffeD pointed. In this case the ToolBar is hidden, but still installed & enabled
you can disable/uninstall VTzilla (do not rush with the latter)
say, if you are using AllInOne Sidebar Add-on just hit the respective button

The thing is - you will lose Right-Click integration for checking the sites as well, meaning that even disabling is not just “hiding” as you requested … so, what would be the point?

Anyway - that is your choice

My regards