Dont show that comodo detected virus in zipped file?

Today i submited 1 zipped file to and virus total scanned it with many antivirus softwares including comodo antivirus the virus database on site is upto date 1025, its also same in my CIS virus database is 1025. When this zipped file is scanned by virustotal it said comodo did not detected the virus in it, but on my pc when i right clicked and scanned the zipped file it detected virus in it.
So my Question is does this mean that virustotal website scanner is set on do not scan within archieve (compressed files) setting? if answer is “Yes” is there a way to rectify this problem on the website?
<—this is sample of virus zipped file You too can check it out but be careful it has virus.

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I myself sent email regarding this issue to alongwith virus attachment, lets hope this issue will be solved on there website Thanks.

I got feedback from Julio Canto from i m amazed to get very quick response thanks to julio Canto. here is what he said
Hi again,
Well, we use command line versions of the scanners, so they may differ
from desktop versions in several ways (for instance, handling of
different compressor versions, heuristics, etc). We don’t choose here
which engine or parameter use, but the AV company itself.

after getting this reply from Julio Canto i see it will be great to include Command line version in CAV.

Any response from everyone is appreciated. thanks

Please don’t post any malware live links in the public. :P0l


@eXerience point understood Thanks :-TU