VirusSign Sample Malwares

there is a lot of virus samples availible to download in this website: >:-D
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i download latest sample: July 27, 2011. there is 3127 infected file. >:-D

i install COMODO internet security 5.5.19 nd update virus database: version 9538 (latest) :smiley: 88) :P0l :a0

but COMODO just find 2615 of them and leave 514 files. :frowning: :-\

then i scan files again and again. in each try comodo find 1-3 new files. and still most of them are not found as threats. ??? :cry:

is it normal? why they are not found in first scan? ???

( i submited those 514 files to COMODO as suspicious :P0l )

Please do not post links to possible Malware on the Forum

You can submit malware in Submit Malware Here To Be Blacklisted - 2011 (NO LIVE MALWARE!).

Please follow the guidelines from the first post of the topic on how to do so without publishing the malware its self.

i am going to do that