Virusscope Question

i have a little question. When i install COMODO on an infeted System and Viruscope is turnt on and found a Virus? How Virusscope handle the virus or can do a backup/rollback if he didnt even known a clean state on the pc?

Greets Jan

I dont know where to post it. if this is the wrong Forum than im sorry, pls move it. (:

Viruscope acts from time to time, but it is impossible to know what was done. Any log is not created for viruscope.

The CIS Virusccope feature will be an immense hit on responsiveness of PIII Tualatin-S platforms.

I can’t imagine why more sophisticated systems would have a prollem.

I think the technology is great; those that have the 57 cores on one chip, they got 73 bit O/S, and hyper-speed CPU (NSA access toggle-off).

On my machine its dramatically slower when enabled.

Viruscope is still very young in its development. It has limited detection capabilities. It’s better to see it a something experimental and not something to trust on a day to day basis,