Virusscope-only one recognizer installed

In Virusscope settings I’ve gotton only one installed recognizer:

recognizer_v12.0.0.6818, but not the recognizerCryptolocker.dll.

Is that allright? Is there anything what I should install or what is not installed?

Thank you for help.

I’ve just seen that the recognizerCL (proto_v9) is in the CCAV\evc\recognizers-folder.
Another one (from 12.2017) is in the CIS-folder (proto_v10 from 2017).

How can I add it in virusscope?


Problem solved. It was now possible to install cis online. Now both recognizers are included.

The second recognizer gets added when you update CIS from Tasks → General Tasks.

Thank you! I will do it.

With my update I can not edit the vendor list.

Is done! :-TU