Virus's not found but activity detected

I have been using Comodo CIS for a few years now and up till now was very satisfied with the products performance, however recently I was presented with a series of laptops at a remote site in South Sudan that had obvious infections, i.e. the activities such as this exe is about to terminate this exe or this file is about to contact the internet were seen in the pop-up alerts, but CIS failed to detect the actual virus. I tried all settings but to no avail so I had to resort to other tools such as SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot and then AVG to clean this up (After deleting CIS).

Virus Found and cleaned[u]

This message is firstly to inform COMODO of the possibilty that the product cant find the above infections, and secondly to ask was there another method using CIS that would have fixed this, Presently all the machines are running very well and are detecting any new attacks as and when the occur i.e. Flash Disks, USB hard drives

If heuristics scanning level under CIS-Antivirus-Scanner Settings - Realtime - Scheduled - Manual Scanning was kept at ‘High’ it ‘may have’ detected them, if signature doesn’t already exist. Under such circumstances it would be wise to upload these samples using the below given interface, so that signatures can be added to CIS.

Yes, just giving the names doesn’t help much because every AV developer has different naming conventions.


Can you give us the EXACT settings of your CIS before you uninstalled?