Virusovnet test. October 2012.

Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.12 = The best AV detection! 99.8%!

In Russian:

Less FP than Dr.Web and Outpost (:CLP)


nation resents
already they have corrected

The best overall detection rate - Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.2 with a result of 99.8%

still had 6 false positives but not to the worst out of the test.

Yes LOL! ;D

I don’t really care about FP. All I care about is detection! This goes to show to some ppl that Comodo AV is the best in it! And is over-protective which is only good :slight_smile: :-TU

It can be a bad thing if Comodo Av starts messy with legit programs… Plus I heard Qihoo 360 was very proactive but has many fps can anyone confirm this?

I used Comodo for a while and I only had one FP for a legitimate program. That’s it LOL!

Forget Qihoo360 … It has good detection but FP !!! They love FPs …

LOL! ;D :-TU

Sadly back went I used Comodo AV i had alot of fps…and it was very annoying

5 years ago maybe. I used Comodo for about 3 years I think with high heristics. As I say not a lot of FP these days.

lolz I used it about i want say maybe 2 or 3…don’t know I just remeber I uninstall it like a few hours later…it made me (:AGY)

I see. Comodo AV today is much better. Drop Kaspersky and come back LOL! :slight_smile:

When my paid runs out I will :love:

Good man! :slight_smile: :-TU

Once my kaspersky runs out I remove it and CIS and use CISC 2012 errr by then it will be CISC 2013 but I am way !ot!

:wink: conflicting clauses (взаимоисключающие параграфы):

§1 “Antivirus settings were set to maximum protection for those components that have been used for testing: … on-demand scanner…”
It’s simple. All files are harmless, well-known program, downloaded from official sources.
If infected writes and deletes - means a false alarm.
We are doing tests for normal users (for most users)…

“Настройки антивирусов были установлены на максимальную защиту для тех компонентов, которые использовались при тестировании: … сканер по требованию (Ручное сканирование)…” proof link
“Тут все просто. Все файлы безобидные, известные программы, скачанные с официальных источников. Если пишет заражен и удаляет - значит ложное срабатывание.
Мы делаем тесты для обычных пользователей (для большинства пользователей)…”
proof link

§2 Heuristics Scanning Level
Low (Default) … Comodo recommends this setting as suitable for most users (for normal users).
High (maximum) - Highest sensitivity to detecting unknown threats but this also raises the possibility of more false positives too. proof link