viruses not detected

Comodo antivirus failed to detect the following malware files (and active processes) on my machine, but the firewall picked up their communication attempts. They live in system32, and install multiple references to themselves in the registry. They attempt communication with the internet about once per minute.

msrstart.exe is involved in activating the malware processes on restart.

I am trying to determine whether this family also infects system, svchost and/or explore.exe.

Can you please submit them to Comodo using submit suspicious files feature available in CIS>Miscellaneous or

as per the instructions given in the below given link.

Unfortunately I can’t; I got rid of them. I was more concerned with disinfecting my machine, wasn’t sure how to confine them safely. All of those names are recognizably malware by Googling. I assumed that meant captive copies were available.

Correction: some were still in Recycle Bin, I will zip and send.

Good job! That will help other users with the same malwares get disinfected/ not infected in the first place! :wink: :slight_smile: