Virusdatabase Update Failure since Oktober 20th

i can’t update my virusdatabase maybe since patching my linux mint installations with WPA-■■■■■ patch out of repos.
How can i solve that? It’s seems to be the same on my Linux Mint 18 LXDE 32 Bit and my Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 32 Bit, as well as my Linux Mint LMDE2 32 Bit.
Or is there any problem with databaseupdate servers.
Problems start on last thursday, oktober 19th.
Thanks for any suggestions!

Hello again,
i’m not shure about the patch which caused this failure. But it happens in every Mint i use the same way.

Does no one have this problem?! I couldn’t really be the only one - because in between i count already 5 Linuxmint PC using comodo with exact the same phenomenon.

Could a new installation maybe solve it?!

The exact descritption of the failure is, the update of virusdatabase starts and after 5% of the process it stops with the message that the updates failes and i should check my internet connection.
But as you see (i’m online with the same connection) there is nothing wrong my connection. It works properly.

Since 19th or 20th of October (depending on the date of mint-systemupdate was installed) i got no Database updates.

Any suggestions?!
Thanks in advance…

Really no one the same Problem?
Here in Germany i?ve already found one further Linux-Mint/Comodo User who doesn?t get any Database Updates since 20th of Oktober 2017.
It?s obvious, that there is a general Problem with Ubuntu/Mint Repo Updates vs. Comodo.
Still waiting for any suggestions…

hi folks,
its no problem of mint, its a problem of comodo and especially of fhe file BASE_UPD_END_USER_v27923.cavz.
its in the temporary folder of /opt/COMODO/tmp.
there is a bug in downloading the corresponding BASE_UPD_END_USER_v27923.cav.
but the .cav is already part of the archive BASE_UPD_END_USER_v27923.cavz.
just start the database-update since you get the error-message, then open tmp folder as root and use for example xarchiver (part of LM 18 LXDE) or any other archivmanager to extract BASE_UPD_END_USER_v27923.cav out of the BASE_UPD_END_USER_v27923.cavz manually.
then start comodo database-update again and it should work as always.
thanks to german LM User TLeiner who found this workaround.
i hope its useful for same of you too.
ps: it works on all versions of LM on my machines.