Viruscope errors in Windows Event Log [merged]

I have Windows 10 Pro with CIS
HIPS: safe mode
Sandbox: enable
Viruscope: enable (only for sandboxed apps)
I keep getting errors from Viruscope in Windows Event Log:
Too long process chain: pid=XXXX m_dwParentPid == YYY
XXXX and YYY change every time
Any idea?

I think I found the problem.
I still have Viruscope enabled, but I have unchecked “analyze sanboxed apps only” and now I don’t have any error on Windows Event Log

No, the errors appeared again after a while…
Any idea?

I have this error mentioned on Win 10 64 event viewer on date 15 Aug 2015.
May be there is an issue with ViruScope & error appears only if any program is run sandboxed…if no program is run sandboxed then error doesn’t appear— Just a guess…

I uninstalled CIS, cleared every traces by Comodo uninstall tool and CCleaner, then installed CIS again with the same settings of before.
Now I don’t have any error, so maybe it was just an installation issue.
I’ll keep checking the Event Log from time to time

Hi guys,
I’d like to re-open this topic because I still get errors from Viruscope from time to time.
No matter which settings I have, at random times, after boot, if I look at Windows Event Log I can find hundreds of errors:
Too long process chain: pid=XXXX m_dwParentPid == YYY
It looks like, sometimes Viruscope doesn’t start in the correct way and when it happens, it makes an error entry every few seconds.
Is anyone experiencing the same?
My new PC comes with Windows 10 Core (10.0.10586.104) 64bit and CIS freshly installed.

I have the same problem. I disabled Viruscope entirely. Hope CIS 9 will not
have this issue.

What are those errors in Event Viewer and how can I avoid them?

Comodo Firewall
(only firewall is on, not sandbox, hips, viruscope)

OS = Windows 10 Pro x64
UCA = off
Run as Admin

Too long process chain: pid=4252 m_dwParentPid == 4240
Too long process chain: pid=5748 m_dwParentPid == 2636
Too long process chain: pid=4240 m_dwParentPid == 2380
Too long process chain: pid=3860 m_dwParentPid == 1988
Too long process chain: pid=5536 m_dwParentPid == 1440
Too long process chain: pid=1440 m_dwParentPid == 1308

Too long process chain: pid=1536 m_dwParentPid == 716
Too long process chain: pid=748 m_dwParentPid == 640

COMODO Internet Security Trace

Source: cmdagent

Event ID: 1

Task category: cisVScopeMonitor

Any idea about how to stop these errors?
Or shall I just disable viruscope?


Do the errors actually affect anything? Right now I’m not seeing any issues.

At least it afects the mentioned process

Everything seems to work fine with my CIS, but I have never got any alert from Viruscope, so I don’t know if these errors can lead to any problem in case I need Viruscope to do its job

I am getting several hundred errors per hour in my Windows event logs too. I think it’s related to the virus scope monitor somehow. And also in Defense+ logs it shows the werfault.exe is terminating CIS.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This problem happen before. Probably a Windows update bricked the installation. Try doing a complete uninstall and re-install.

I have disabled viruscope and now the errors have disappeared (which is understandable).
By the way, I’m a bit upset about this lack of answers and support from Comodo stuff… I know there are several activities to do, but I opened this help request around 6 months ago…

There are no reports Viruscope not working. There is no format verified bug report on this issue. When there is a format verified bug report Comodo will see and take the bug into account. If you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will certainly be seen by Comodo staff.

You could always purchase a Geekbuddy subscription for just $199 a year. 8)

What a racket bargain! 88)

Bug report created

I read of a similar problem here
I’ll try to check if the errors happen after an update of Windows 10