Big mishap with CIS 5.4:

with great surprise this morning, alerts the antivirus Comodo me tell all my files. exe downloads directory infected


Strange that Defense + will not react on changing these files?

Configure internet security, antivirus all options enabled, I think there 's actually a problem from this side, malwarebytes found nothing, all on my personal machine (windows 7 32 bit) and not on virtual machine thank you.

See here:


Please submit the detected file at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year .


I do not know where does the infection! today is that I had these alarms, these files are now deleted by antivirus comodo.

This is scary. Dont know what to say. May be some experts or Dev will provide help soon.


i’m having the same problem: since the scanner started after booting the machine it’s continuously reporting virus.win32.murofet.a on all scanned files. i had to stop the scan manually. pls advise

Please submit one of the infected files through the link posted by Vasihnavi and tell in the Comment box exactly what is going on. Comodo analysts will then take a look at it.

I just had the same thing today, June 12, 2011. What? This virus is a year old, how could Comodo possibly allow such an infection.

My symptom was, while playing a game, and doing nothing else, Comodo started showing file after file was infected with this virus. I though maybe a virus scan started because so many files were infecting.

But the truth was that Comodo was merely showing when a file was actually infected.

No indication of what caused the infection. No files were recently downloaded, no PC activity that would normally cause a virus.

It has infected about 50 files in only a few minutes. All are unrepairable. Lucky I have backups.

This is unacceptable, even for a free tool.

The virus gets detected by Microsoft Defense and Security Essentials among others according to Microsoft Protection Center.

Did you try one of them? Notice that for patch viruses a Live CD’s like the one from Dr. Web may be able to help out.