Virus Updates won't download [RESOLVED]

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For some reason, my versrion of COMODO won’t allow me to download Virus Database Updates. It says to check that I’m connected to the Internet (guess what, I am)!.

Anyone can provide help?


TK Vanacoro

Hello. :slight_smile:

Have you tried this?

Just wait. It took me 10 minutes to update from 851 to 866 on a fast connection :slight_smile:

That DL speed is currently normal, but the OP said they are having the “check internet connection” problem…

I was having them too. I tried about 15 times and finally it connected. After about 10 minutes the download was complete :slight_smile:

Do you mean the actual download or the full update process.
You can cut the connection after approx 50/54% then it carries on with update process.

The full update process :slight_smile: But why the updating process is so sluggish ? 88)

I have no idea there does not seem to be much CPU use going on either.

I was wondering (when viewing active connections in firewall) why cmdagent.exe connection always closes in the middle of the update. So really, the download doesn’t take long, but rather the installation of the new signatures is what takes so long (hence the new “format” is being created)?

Hi! I’m having a similar problem, where my virus update process won’t go beyond 30% - it then stalls and tells me to check the internet connection. The update process has always been sluggish, but this is the first time that it’s failed completely. The last succcesful update was on the 2nd of January. Has this got something to do with the new virus signatures that I’ve been reading about on other threads? Or should I be doing something with the settings on my computer? I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer

Welcome to the forum gleow :slight_smile:
You should be on sig. version 874 today’s date.
I believe there was quite a large sig. release a couple of days ago which took some time to update approx 10 minutes, on my computer the auto update tried 4/5 times before it managed to update.

I presume you mean the new virus signatures for the new version of CIS to be release soon, I believe it will a Beta release and the new signatures are for it.

hi, also having the problem that it won’t go past the 30% mark, doesn’t matter how long I am online. any ideas?

Unfortunately this has been a critical flaw in Comodo Anti-Virus for over four months now. I just checked again and their Anti-Virus still takes anywhere from 15 to 75 minutes to update with an 8 Mbps cable Internet connection. I did nine test runs on XP 32 clean virtual machines, and two runs on on standard XP 32 installations.

At this point Comodo should withdraw its Anti-Virus program because it’s critically flawed, they don’t know what the problem is, and obviously can’t fix it.

I really appreciate the fact that they’ve produced such high quality software for free in the past, and still do for the most part, but the Anti-Virus problem is very serious and at this point knowingly introduces a security vulnerability on every machine that runs it.

Comodo has no idea what’s wrong with the program, or what it’s doing while the update failures continually occur thousands of time per minute, so they certainly can’t know that the program is fit for it’s intended purpose as a primary security defense tool.

Hello. :slight_smile: First off, NO AV (including CAVS) should be considered a ‘primary’ security application; HIPS (D+) should be your first line of defense. Also, if it’s the database signature DL/installation time that bothers you, the new upcoming sig format should solve this. :slight_smile:

Comodo has no idea what's wrong with the program, or what it's doing while the update failures continually occur thousands of time per minute, so they certainly can't know that the program is fit for it's intended purpose as a primary security defense tool.

Since you are so direct with your claims, may I suggest an equally direct path to an answer - I’m pretty sure Melih would love to discuss the AV and the competencies behind it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I can confirm that it takes an extremely long time for AV database updates to complete. Hopefully this
will improve over time. I even got a pop-up that the DB was updating after I selected shutdown. I did
not want to kill it for fear of corrupting something in CIS and had quite a wait before the update
completed. As an aside, CIS doesn’t always tell you when it is updating and when it is finished.


Don’t misunderstand me - the AV updatges are slow and the update notifications are nowhere near timely enough.

The OP has a point - but my problem wasn’t with the “what” but with the “how”. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem it gets to 30% and thats it. It is still downloading but on a dial up ( yes some of us do not have a choice) it is hours. Do I leave it overnight and hope that is long enough!. Have uninstalled it three times and cleaned the register, now what. Running out of patience!

Fast and clean update from 905 to 910 here. :-TU

same here. the last few updates have taken under a minute for me. :-TU