Virus updateing

I installed Comondo Pro few days ago. After installing I started a Virus up date. The update froze at 30 % and want go any higher?? Any ideas on what to do?
Thanks J.W.

Well, I’m not really an expert on the comodo antivirus software. Personally, I’ve never used it. I’ve only used the Comodo Firewall. But as far as I know about updates, they might freeze if you’re abusing your RAM or your Bandwidth, or there could also be another program running that is conflicting with the update itself. So there are a couple of possibilities of what could be going wrong.

Try restarting your computer and then running the update again. That should turn off any programs that could be conflicting. If it doesn’t work, try closing any other applications that you might have running, specially ones that could be using your internet connection.

Please check out: Database updates “freeze” at 30%, what is going on?.

Is the av updated by now?