Virus Update Help

I’ve been with Comodo for a very long time and they have been so great. But my virus update just doesn’t update. I have Comodo installed on all of my computers but one computer just doesn’t receive the update. I was wondering since all of my computers are up to date if I move the file that has the update on it to the computer that isn’t up to date. Possible? ??? If this isn’t a good way are there any others? Right now it’s on version 5892. Need any more info just ask.

Yes, you can find the latest bases.cav and details on how to install it in this thread.
Where can i download the latest full AV database?

Oh, thanks for the link :).

Hi all, I’ll continue on tihs topic, hope it’s a good choice.
I’ve installed CIS on my win xp sp3 system.

My internet connection is very slow, I’m using a cellular phone with edge tecnology (about 200Kbps of download speed).
When I’ve tried to update viruses database CIS would download data amount of about 120MB…
For my needs it’s too big, and seems that also resume is not supported. So I’ve tried a manual way to download that big file following instruction in this link:

At the botton of that page it’s explained:

Your AV database should be the latest full, and should only need to do an incremental update for the latest updates released after this full.

So I’ve downloaded this file using a download manager with resume support (wget):

Ok, I’ve installed it a week ago and then I’ve tried to update again manually using software regular update button. The download amount was about 3MB, I think good for my connection too. Incremental update seems work ok.
Now my CIS appears up to date on 15-12-2010.

I’m now tring to manually update CIS antivirus after a week.
But using update button, CIS wants to download an amount of data (viruses definition database) of about 123MB.
So It’s not seem an incremental update… what do you think about.
Is there a way to save more bandwith…?

Thanks in advance and please, be patient… my english is not so good. :wink:
Bye :smiley: