Virus Update: Failed to update virus database, check internet connection

Virus update goes through downloading, applying, and gets to “Finishing”. A few minutes later a box pops up headed “Failed…” with text “Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later.”

I noticed this because Vista Security Alerts complained about Comodo being out of date this morning. Multiple attempts this morning (10/29/2013), middle of day, and tonight all get the same “Failed…” message, while browser, outlook, and some sidebar internet monitors have access to the internet.

Computer is on 24/7. Windows vista home with all updates applied (some just recently)

Product Version: 5.12.25649.2599
Virus signature database: 17163

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Does running the diagnostics find any errors?

If not you could try deleting the actual file for the AV definitions and seeing if it can download a new one.

upgraded to 6.3 (Sorry, I did not see run diagnostics message until 6.3 install was underway)
Tues eve, 6.3 failedd
Wed am worked