virus update failed repeatedly

Today I have been unable to manually update the antivirus database portion of my Internet Security. The update starts as normal (small window appears with update screen), but fails at the 30% mark.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo, hoping that was the problem (note, I’ve also been having problems with the Security “badge” icon disappearing in my bottom right “running” programs of Windows XP screen: worrying if the firewall is running). I did not do a virus scan before the “restart” after installation because I wanted a decent firewall (I used Windows firewall temporarily). I restarted, then tried manual virus database (found in the Antivirus section) update. It failed.

Also, in the Miscellaneous section of Internet Security, I checked for updates. It stated no updates available (i.e., I’m up to date).


Note: between writing the original posting and this, after taking the time to write the posting, I retried the update and it worked. Go figure!