Virus Update Database Faled

I was doing a Virus Update Database and then it told me that it faled so what dose that mean and is there a way to get more updates or what should I do?.. >:( I don’t want my computer system to Get a virus and Crash and burn up and lose every thing…

Please check your internet connection and try again in few minutes.

I have this same problem. I just installed Comodo Internet Security and I am unable to update the anti-virus database. I am online and my internet works fine, but neither Comodo nor Windows are able to check for updates.

Did you make changes to the Firewall rules? What version are you using 3.12? What are the error messages you get?

I’ve never been able to get CIS to update “out of the box” - this worked for me…

Try updating the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (control panel, admin tools, services, right click on “Comodo Internet Security Helper Service”, properties). The logon Tab for the Service should currently show Local System Account and Allow service to interact with Desktop. Set This Account with your Logon ID and Password (+Confirm) and then reboot. :slight_smile:

endlessjoy - thank you! I had the same problem and your solution helped, even if the update went through strange process of asking for a reboot and then having to update again after it… but it all seems good now, if I run update it reports up-to-date database, it does not hang.

So - thanks again endlessjoy :)!