Virus total acquired by Google

A new blog post on the official Virustotal blog confirms that the service has been acquired by Google. The Virustotal crew will continue to operate the site independently for the time being while maintaining its relationships with antivirus companies and other industry experts.

Google will buy anything these days. Soon they will owe half of the internet if not already.

I think that Google Chrome having VirusTotal detection included would be amazing, if only it were Opera.
Considering that Google is an internet monopoly, they may be able to make VirusTotal capable of being the new Hitman Pro. That’ll be the day.

I don’t think they’ll owe the internet to anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:
They might want to think about buying Apple while they’re at it, or they just might owe the internet in fines. 88)

Opera could use the Safe Browsing API. :wink:

Google will have it own DACS :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow I share your point of view. I’m afraid that slowly Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft lead us to a walled garden internet.

We won’t let that happen…

we are here to protect the users!

Thank you Melih, I’m sure you will.

But how to prevent them from controlling the web with their cloud, web services, stores and in some future TV and maybe providers of internet connections?

:)…have some ideas…

I’m looking forward to the moment when you’ll release their implementation. You’ll surprise us as usual with something completely new and ahead of its time. :-TU

Thank you!

that’s exactly the plan :wink:

I think Comodo should release its own OS.