virus that displays symbols instead of fonts

Does anybody know how to fight this virus?? Logical observation indicates that it transferred as a boot sector virus from an Android 2.2.2 phone only plugged into to USB to charge phone. May have transferred when using wi-fi connection.
Basically all fonts get replaced by symbols. Restoring to previous date fixed temporarily but it came back. Does not affect registry fonts (different file) but all other get lost. Replacing the fonts is awkward to do when you cannot read the screen but again the result is only temporary.
Any clues??

Forgot to mention that CIS, CSC and CCE all failed to find anything. Naturally i did a CHKDSK as well and ran CCleaner.
The identical problem appeared on both a 64 bit W7 home computer and an old XP at the office. Both are covered and regyularly scanned by the above Comodo products. Both computers are linked p2p to (different) computers at each location. The other computers in each place do not have Comodo-ware installed by rely on Microsoft’s MSE - and the virus does not appear to have been transferred.

Hi Topcat, can you be certain it is malware, and not some bug with CSC?
See here.