Virus signatures won't update automatically.

I have CIS premium. I am running on windows 10. When I was on Windows 7, the signatures would normally update automatically. Now, I have to do it myself when Windows says that the virus database is out of date. I’ve looked in the settings, and I can’t find a “update databse automatically” but under “general settings - updates” i seee “automatically download program updates”.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of general settings > updates as check for “database updates every 6 hours” should be directly under automatically download program updates as seen here Comodo Internet Security Software Updates, Download Software Updates | COMODO. Also open up task scheduler and under task scheduler library their should be a sub-folder named COMODO, clicking that you should see all listed scheduled tasks set for comodo, can you post a screenshot of this also?

Also, I’m not sure where “task scheduler” is

Windows Task Scheduler go to Start and type out Task and the Desktop App Task Scheduler should be listed click on that. See my screenshot for a reference though this is from Windows 7 but should be the same for Windows 10

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Thanks for that. I thought you were talking about a task scheduler in Comodo. I’ve looked at the schedular. and it says that the Virus database update is set to “ready” and it is due to run next at 3 in the morning. So I’m not sure why it doesn’t auto update.

In comodo could you try changing the update frequency to every 1 hour and keep your computer on for at least that amount of time without it going to sleep or hibernation? Then after a few minutes past the hour check the main interface and see what the last update time says, make sure you have advanced view enabled for the main comodo window.