virus signature update fails

I’m trying to update the virus signatures and get an error message - Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later. I’m running XP Pro SP3 and CIS version 3.10.10263.531. This computer is connected to the internet through a hub to which another computer is connected that updates with no problem.
Any suggestions?

wait about 20 minutes and see if comodo updates itself. It happen to me before and about 20 minutes later it updated i think it was in the middle of updating when i clicked update that maybe your problem. If that doesnt work use CIS diagnosis to check for problems.

I don’t think this is it. The update message box gets to 5% and is replaced by another box that has the message referenced earlier. The only option is to close.

Any suggestions at all?

Apparently not, Greywood. ???

I’m busy having my requests for help ignored on another thread, but I also had the same issue as you. Several times Comodo has told me to check my (perfectly functioning) internet connection.

Good luck.

ok guys im helping now.

Can you go to Start > Run > type “cmd” without quotes > then type “ping” with out the qoutes > and hit enter.

Post a screenshot of the result also. thx.

hi Greywood1862 (:WAV)
is this your initial virus database update after installation?
the first virus database download size >100MB.
comodo’s working on family signature to reduce the download size.
unfortunately for now all you can do is retry the download process :-\

if it’s any consolation, right now i’m having the same issue as you.
the update stuck at 30%, and then fail 88)


I’ve been having the same problem for about a week. I didn’t realize until yesterday when I virus messed up my computer badly. I reinstalled Windows but the update still fails, stuck by 30%.

I have Vista OS, using the free CIS and I am attaching the screen shot of the ping:

[attachment deleted by admin]

screenshots of cmd window and original fail message attached.

This isn’t my first update. I updated when I installed, but haven’t been able to since then.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Still nothing?

I can tell its a problem on your PC’s, since ping works.

Try a Clean install.

Please post back if this doesnt work.

This worked. Thanks! ;D