Virus Signature Fails to Update to latest

I don’t have a server problem here.

The Problem:

Doing a manual or automatic update tells me my Signatures are up to date.

Yet, CIS only shows me a Signature up to 2854

The latest as of writing this thread is : 2878

Why does CIS tell me I am updated when I am not???

I am using the latest version of CIS: 3.12.111745.560

My Virus Signature Database is: 2854

Everytime I try and update signatures it says I am up to date.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall and still no success.

Any help here???


There is a problem with one of the update servers at the moment it should be fixed soon.


Today I am only got as far as 2888 and latest shows 2889. Not sure why I can’t get the full update???