I’m having problems updating virus singature database…haven’t been able to update it since march 18…can anyone help…i’m running windows xp…32-bit

Ok, I hear ya.

Could you tell us what version of Comodo your using?

You can find that under the Miscellaneous Tab, after choosing that, choose the “about” (lower right hand area).

You will see the Version number in there.

If you still have 3.5 you need to update to 3.8. I have read that AV updates have been discontinued for version 3.5

I actually had this prob myself. I didn’t want to update the software, but I noticed the AV wasn’t quite how it should be. So I did update to 3.8 and everything is fine.

So, let us know if not being updated yet is the problem. If it isn’t, I’m sure it can be ironed out.